Salad me Cafè

The watchword of Salad Me Cafè is personalization: in fact, local specialties are salad to compose according to your taste, choosing from more than seventy fresh and selected ingredients. Seasonal vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish, dairy products, all the best of food selected every day to guarantee the maximum level of quality for a healthy diet.

Every day, a sophisticated dish of the day, our centrifuges, smoothies, club sandwiches and much more… All the news from the world of Healthy in one Salad Café!

Salad Me Cafè is vegan, vegetarian, natural & traditional food


* Would you like to stay at home or Office and enjoy our tasty food? Salad Me comes to you!

Salad Me Cafè

Via Giuseppe Prina, 14 - 20154 Milan - Italy

+39 02 45395000

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