«For 30 years, LPG® has been innovating with patented technologies capable of optimizing tissue health, and with beauty as the only side effect. We are convinced that respecting the skin and its ecology is the key to preserving youth. endermologie® thus appears as a 3rd possible way between too aggressive aesthetic solutions that are potentially harming in the long term, and cosmetic solutions with limited, superficial effects. No need to choose between visible results and respecting our body any longer. This is why every day 200,000 people worldwide benefit from our slimming and anti-aging techniques.»

Keys to the cellular awakening

Aging, even for the thinnest, metabolism slows down and adipocytes (fat cells) tend to stock more triglycerides than normal. This dysfunction shows, underneath the skin, overloads of fat, stuck and pointed, particularly resistant to diets and intensive workouts. Professor Lafontan, research director at INSERM (Nation Institute of Healy and Medical Research of France), and specialist in adipose tissues and obesity, summarize: “10% of our adipose cells renews every year and every destruction will be compensated with a reconstruction.

In time, staminal cells and preadipocytes will take the place of the dead cells e will form new adipocytes. Enermologie body treatments, act directly on physiological processes involved, fully respecting tissues’ integrity. LPG action, certified from over 130 scientific studies, doubles the natural unstoraging of subcutaneous fat.

Results are multiple: immediate feeling of well-being and lightness, a remodelled silhouette, body is pleasingly renewed, a recovered skin quality. We know that during the past 25 years, fibroblast (skin cells) synthesize always less essential substances for skin’s youth. Loses its density and becomes lighter and fragile. It was scientifically proved that Endermologie treatments for face and body stimulate the good collagen production to ensure skin’s maintenance, elastine for good softness and resistance and hyaluronic acid to have a smooth and toned look.