Natura Bissé

Natura Bissé – Diamond Experience – Life Infusion

  “The art of rejuvenation” An innovative treatment that infuses life into your skin in order to preserve youth and beauty. This revolutionary experience provides unprecedented rejuvenating action by regulating the 4 key skin-age biomarkers. This intensive, comprehensive treatment results in firmer, more luminous and visibly younger looking skin. Redefines your facial contour, improves skin…

€ 250,00

Natura Bissé – Romans Signature

  Personalized treatment   Romans Signature includes a complete treatment of the body with the possibility of customization depending on the needs of the skin. The silhouette will be redefined, toned thanks to the massage technique and the applied cream; the results will be amazing and the body appear more slender and toned.   duration…

€ 110,00

Natura Bissé – Diamond Experience Multisensorial Lifting

   Facelift cosmetic facial multisensory   FIRMS – TIGHTENS – REVITALIZES   Neutralizes signs of stress and aging to achieve the perfect synergy of global well-being for your skin. A triple exfoliation plus energy infusion will offer immediate and long lasting hydrating.   duration of treatment: 90 min.

€ 220,00

Natura Bissé – Face Lift Optimizer

  The non invasive solution against wrinkles LIFTS – FILLS – RELAXES   Surgical alternative treatment that infuses the skin with all the benefits of a microinjection without the neurotoxins. Visibly lifts skin after just one treatment due to the innovative and highly concentrated ingredients.   duration of treatment: 60 min.

€ 250,00

Natura Bissé – Mineral Massage

  Revitalizing treatment for face and body REVITALIZES – DRAIN – DETOXIFIES   This ritual essentially blends draining massage maneuvers with the well-known beneficial effects of reflexology and the recognized therapeutic properties of minerals.   duration of treatment: 120 min.

€ 150,00

Natura Bissé – Royal Oxygen Ritual

  Oxygenating treatment for face and body DETOXIFIES – PURIFIES – HYDRATES   Treat your face and body with a blast of oxygen to revitalize skin. The answer for all those looking for an effective treatment to fight againts imperfections, spots or lack of firmness infused with the most potent ingredients.   duration of treatment:…

€ 144,00

Natura Bissé – Lipocell Sculptor

    Detoxifying body treatment SLIMS DOWN – FIRMS – SCULPTS   An ultra effective concentrated gel that provides anti-cellulite and slimming action acts in combination with cutting-edge massaging techniques to sculpt your figure. The draining and detoxifying ingridients fight against fat deposits, which helps loose volume.   duration of treatment: 60 min.

€ 110,00

Natura Bissé – Body/Bust Firming Citric

  Firming body treatment COUNTOURS – FIRMS – LIFTS   An exclusive treatment that provides exceptional toning and firming results. Highly effective for lifting the body and the bust and eliminating orange peel skin.   duration of treatment: 60 min.

€ 90,00

Natura Bissé – Back Cure

  BACK CLEANING DETOXIFIES – HYDRATES – RESTORES   Power out toxins and impurities with a thorough cleansing treatment and exfoliation followed by extractions.   duration of treatment: 60 min.

€ 80,00

Natura Bissé – Citrus Drench

  Nourishing and energizing body treatment REVITALIES – FIRMS – ENERGIZES   Highly concentrated vitamin C emulsions will protect the skin from dryness and premature aging.   duration of treatment. 60 min.

€ 150,00