Natura Bissé

Natura Bissé – Diamond Cocoon – Ultimate Shield

DIAMOND COCOON ULTIMATE SHIELD Protective mist   Invisible armor for the skin. A comfortable, breathable, imperceptible multiple-action mantle that armors your skin against pollutant particles and indoor pollution while providing superior protection against aging blue light. Thanks to the refreshing Diamond Cocoon Ultimate Shield mist, you will enjoy protected, soft, moisturized skin all day long….

€ 97,00

Natura Bissé – Diamond Cocoon – Skin Booster

DIAMOND COCOON SKIN BOOSTER Fortifying concentrate   Fortifying, prebiotic, extraordinarily antioxidant. Diamond Cocoon Skin Booster turns your usual treatments into powerful protective agents against blue light radiation and pollutant particles. This revolutionary complex gives you our recommended daily protection against multiple types of pollution that alter and weaken the skin barrier and its microbiota (millions…

€ 235,00

Natura Bissé – Diamond Cocoon – Enzyme Cleanser

DIAMOND COCOON ENZYME CLEANSER Deep-cleansing mousse   Did you know that pollutants in the air silently and imperceptibly stick to your skin? These particles can penetrate the deepest layers of the epidermis and weaken its protective barrier. Did you know that toxins, dirt and excess oil clog your pores, generate free radicals, cause inflammation and…

€ 82,00

Natura Bissé – Diamond Cocoon – Daily Cleanse

DIAMOND COCOON DAILY CLEANSE Creamy comfort cleanser Toxins, pollutant particles, impurities…Every day many elements are deposited on your skin’s surface, which can cause skin imbalances and alterations. Protect your skin and remove these elements, make-up and excess oil in just one step with this gentle, daily facial cleanser. This is very delicate on the skin,…

€ 72,00

Natura Bissé – Diamond Cocoon – Hydrating Essence

DIAMOND COCOON HYDRATING ESSENCE Fortifying toning lotion Strengthen your skin against modern pollution and multiple external aggressors. Increase your skin’s absorption capacity and enhance the efficiency of the skincare products you choose to apply next. Diamond Cocoon Hydrating Essence is an essential step to finish your daily cleansing ritual. A pre-treatment, prebiotic essence that balances…

€ 72,00

Natura Bissé – Diamond Cocoon – Ultra Rich Cream

DIAMOND COCOON ULTRA RICH CREAM Fortifying moisturizer   Ultra-hydrating and ultra-rich in fortifying ingredients, Diamond Cocoon Ultra Rich Cream is a prebiotic formula designed to repair and strengthen the skin barrier and fortify skin against external aggressions. Highly capable of seal and retain water in the epidermis, it balances skin microbiota and improves the skin’s…

€ 307,00


C+C VITAMIN SUMMER LOTION Hydrates, soothes and enhances tan. Face and body lotion. Aloe vera & vitamins C+E   Here it is: Our ultimate summer solution for you. Enriched with vitamins, a signature of this collection, C+C Vitamin Summer Lotion also contains aloe vera, hydrating intensely while soothing and repairing the skin. It’s relieving sensation…

€ 59,00


C+C VITAMIN SPLASH Citric revitalizing spray   Imagine starting your day with a vibrant shot of vitamin C. Awakening, invigorating, energizing. This spray is a concentrated energizer; an exquisite mist packed with vitamins that instantly awaken your senses. The citrus and Mediterranean fragrances rosemary, mint, lavender and rose induce a powerful aromatherapy effect; a sweet summer breeze that…

€ 48,00

Natura Bissé – C+C Vitamin Eye

C+C VITAMIN EYE REVITALIZE YOUR EYES Revitalize the delicate eye contour area with this powerful cocktail of energizing ingredients. With hydrating, decongestive and antioxidant properties, this gel-cream not only efficiently combats puffiness, dark circles and other signs of fatigue or stress, but it also prevents and delays skin aging. Always carry it with you and…

€ 58,00

Natura Bissé – Oxygen Perfecting Oil

OXYGEN PERFECTING OIL DRY OIL · MOISTURIZES · NOURISHES · TONES A two-phase oil that effectively hydrates, nourishes and tones the skin, providing a refreshing fragrance. It prevents skin dehydration, firms and improves elasticity, while offering an intense detox and anti free radicals effect. Moreover, its exceptional aromatic properties and texture make its application a…

€ 61,00