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Mimi Luzon

Mimi Luzon – 24K Pure Gold Glow – Brilliant Super Oil

  Super Brilliant Oil combines pure 24K gold with grapeseed oil and Omega fatty acids and is rich with Vitamin C. Blended together, they allow rapid absorption of the grapeseed oil for a more even, toned skin capable of warding off even the harshest of environmental stressors. This 100% organic oil will hydrate, nourish and…

€ 239,00

Mimi Luzon – Corrective Anti-Aging Mask

  Anti-Wrinkle Mask The Anti Aging Mask is clinically tested and contains active peptides and ingredients that make your skin healthier and younger, helping to improve its elasticity, tone, consistency and fighting aging, protecting it from free radicals and stimulating immune function . A regular weekly use of our anti aging care gives the skin…

€ 200,00

Mimi Luzon – Hydra XL

  Hydra XL is a cream that contains a powerful blend of moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients to keep your skin hydrated and balanced to prevent aging signs.   How does it work? The Hydra XL Cream uses a combination of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. The low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid can…

€ 265,00

Mimi Luzon – Serum Acido Ialuronico 100%

  Hyaluronic acid is more efficient if used in a serum formula. It is released into the space between collagen and elastic fibers, moisturizing the skin and making it shiny, smooth and elastic.   ADVANTAGES: Strengthens the extracellular matrix It gives skin volume and toning It increases elasticity and reduces wrinkles   Ingredients: Purified Water…

€ 200,00

Mimi Luzon – Snail Elixir Serum

  A study reveals that “snail snack” contains ingredients that make the skin smoother and brighter as it is composed of proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans, glycoprotein enzymes, hyaluronic acid, peptides and iron iron, copper and zinc elements. Serum helps rejuvenate the skin by strengthening connective tissue, reducing stains, reorganizing outer tissue cells and rebuilding collagen fibers, improving…

€ 250,00