The Otium Area at Romans Club redefines the concept of Relax, establishing a new standard in the universe of Wellbeing. Sauna, thalassic steam bath, cold fog, ice waterfall, herbal teas, perfume corner, massage area: everything is designed to help you leave behind your concerns and daily stress, giving you invaluable and carefree moments, helping you reach the ecstasy of senses.


Humidity: 10-20%

An ancient Finnish word etymologically associated to the meaning of Winter Dwelling. To produce heat, steam is made by throwing water on stones which have been heated on a fire until they are red hot, the temperature may reach 80/100°C, this induces an abundant perspiration of the skin. All this is made more pleasant thanks to the addition of essential oils such as pine tar or eucalyptus.

Thalassic Steam Bath

Temperature: 45-48 (°C)

Humidity: 98%
From the Greek word Thalassa = Sea, this is based on the curative action of the sea climate, nebulized iodine is produced on a regular interval basis and this exerts a positive reaction to the circulatory and respiratory systems, cleaning our lungs from all types of impurity, leaving us with an exhilaratingly clean and refreshed sensation and an incomparable feeling of wellbeing. Inside the steam bath room it is possible to exfoliate your skin: the transpiration of the pores will make your skin feel as soft and smooth as silk.

Our Cold Reactions

Ice Waterfall: Vasoconstrictory and Invigorating properties

Cold Mist: Cold, mint-flavoured, blue nebulized water, very refreshing and invigorating

Relax Area

It’s time to stop, to metabolize all the benefits obtained thanks to the various treatments, allowing your organism to return to its initial metabolic functions by resting and possibly enjoying a herbal tea in an ecstasy of fragrances.

Romans Club has fabulous cabins for wellness and beauty treatments, including “Relax in Love”, where you can enjoy moments of harmony even with your loved one. Spa treatments signed Natura Bissè, Spanish brand international leader in luxury cosmetics, guarantee quality and superb results. LPG, initially designed for scars therapy, found great applications in the world of aesthetics and wellness, thanks to its ability to shape, tone and reduce localized fat deposits and promote microcirculation; today it is recognized as one of the most effective tools in cellulite treatment.